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Electric ULV Spray Fogger
Electric ULV Spray Fogger

: $295.00

Product Code: MSC---1002

  • Premium ULV Fogger:Our ULV Fogger meets industrial standard. Model:Electric ULV Sprayer Voltage:AC110V Power:600-1000W Tank Capacity:7L Fog Particles:0-50 microns (adjustable) Spray Distance:6m-8m Power Line Length:6m Max. Spray Rate:400ml/min (adjustable) Weight:4.2kg Size 48x22.5x30cm
  • High Quality Material:The chemical liquid pipeline is made of silicone, which is resistant to corrosion, and is not easy to age.It can effectively reduce the corrosion of the machine pipeline by spraying disinfectant and other corrosive chemical liquid, and reduce the maintenance cost of the user
  • Scope of Application:Perfectly suitable for fumigation of hotels, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, homes; disinfection; disinfection of schools, theaters and other public places; cars, trains
  • Adjustable:Adjustable screws allow you to easily change the flow of the fog machine used midway, the spray volume can reach 400ML / min. With an average particle size of 20 to 50 microns, this is the ideal atomizer for ULV spraying needs
  • HIGH TECH: Intellingent Control Board to ensure safe operation for the motor