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Antiseptic Foam Hand Soap 8.4 fl oz
Antiseptic Foam Hand Soap 8.4 fl oz


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Artemis Antiseptic Foam Hand Soap is USA FDA registered product. The active ingredient BZK is listed in the FDA antiseptic monograph as category III for safety and efficacy. This product is designed for hospital, clinic, home, public restroom, hotel and general daily use. It DOES NOT CONTAIN TRICLOSAN. Artemis Antiseptic Foam Hand Soap will not dry out skin or burn eyes. Its NSF E2 approved for food handlers. (Without a scent)

Active ingredient: Benzalkonium chloride is an alcohol-free antimicrobial compound that has been widely used in the health care industry for more than 60 years in formulas for preservatives, surface cleaners, sterilizing agents, and leave-on, FDA Monograph anti-bacterial skin treatment products. The chemical properties of Benzalkonium chloride make it a good candidate for persistent antimicrobial activity on human tissue.

The Active ingredient is NOT one of the 19 Chemicals currently banned by the FDA.

Our Antiseptic Foam Hand Soap unique non-drying, non-irritating, moisturizing formula kills 99.999% (Log 5 Kill) of most common germs that may cause illness in just 15 seconds. Log kills have been demonstrated in ASTM laboratory tests on a broad range of bacterial pathogens, viruses and fungi.

Our Antiseptic Foam Hand Soap is very effective at reducing pathogenic bacteria on the skin.

At this time FDA does not allow makers of hand soaps to make claims against specific types of bacterial pathogens, viruses and fungi due to its concern those consumers will take away a message that the particular illness caused by these bacterial pathogens, viruses and fungi will be completely prevented through use of the product. Because germs can be spread in a number of ways and one’s chances of actually developing an illness depends on a number of factors.

However, proper hand hygiene is one of the most important tools to help prevent the spread of illness. This is why the CDC and various other organizations recommend hand-washing with soap and water on a daily basis. Our Antiseptic hand soap is an excellent choice.