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Omni On & Gone - Mold Stain Removal
Omni On & Gone - Mold Stain Removal

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On & Gone™ is a fast mold stain remover for use on porous and nonporous surfaces. On & Gone is an extremely effective remover of black mold stains from surfaces such as attic sheeting, left in place wood framing, masonry, and other typical surfaces where mold has appeared. Attics, crawl spaces, and wall cavities are typical application sites. On & Gone is part of a remediation protocol which includes Hepa vaccuuming of fruiting mold, disinfection of the surface, removal of black stains and encapsulation. The use of On & Gone rather than sanding or brushing saves labor time which results in greater profit from each job. Predictable and consistent results are seen in seconds rather than hours or next day which further increases efficiency and profitability.