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Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of individual or a realtor, you are concerned about the same thing: Getting rid of mold, odors, allergens...and maybe some bacteria! Foul smoke or urine odors or nasty black mold can make even the most beautiful house feel uncomfortable, unhealthy and unsafe, whether you are living in it or trying to sell it. Check out the following products that are effective to remove odors, allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses! If you would like an all inclusive kit to address your needs, check out the DIY tab.

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3M Half Face Respirator 3M Organic Vapor - Acid Gas  P100 Respirator Filters Bio-Oxygen - Carpet Cleaner
Bio-Oxygen - Laundry Defender Full Spectrum Germicidal Wipes 180 ct. Pyramex Capstone Goggles
Bio-Oxygen - Chem Decon Omni On & Gone - Mold Stain Removal Bug Thug - Insecticide
Electric ULV Spray Fogger