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Pet/Smoke Odor Elimination

Pet Urine/Odors

For most remediation contractors, the pet urine odor elimination call is the one that makes you cringe-it is the only odor which you knew you could only eliminate for a short time. The urine stench then works its way up from the floor boards under the carpet or from inside the drywall, which was previously soaked. You certainly couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t come back-until now.

Our product eliminates these and most other chemical contaminants by destroying the odor at its source (no, I’m not talking the cat). It breaks down the chemical bonds of the actual urine chemical so that the inert elements remain. By utilizing the foamer with our product, you penetrate the wood floor and drywall and also destroy the odor there. A layer of ecologically friendly product remains to act on urine which may try to rear up its ugly head again. This residual efficacy is one of the trademarks of our amazing product.

Only one application is necessary; easy-in, easy-out. Carpets, padding and flooring cleaned! In some cases severely damaged carpeting may have to be removed because the carpet fibers have been destroyed by the urine.

The final step is to now destroy the VOC,s and MVOC,s in the air and on other surfaces by fogging the product in all areas affected (usually the entire house and certainly through the ventilation system. This is an inexpensive and a complete (99.99999.69%) destruction of not only the odors but also bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other chemical contaminants.

Smoke odors from fires/cigarettes

Remediators all over the globe have looked for the one product that could really take care of the smoke smell. You know, that nasty acrid odor that can be covered up or even removed for a short time with several different methods, only to find “there it is again #%*^#@. LOOK NO FURTHER!

The odor you smell is caused by VOC’s released by the chemicals of the actual smoke. This same smoke, whether from a house fire or cigarette use has now imbedded itself into the drywall, carpeting, furniture, and furnishings of your client’s home. Our product is the technologically and clearly superior answer! EPA approved as biodegradable, non toxic and non-corrosive, it will not harm virtually all fabrics and furnishings.

Our product can be fogged for light or mild smoke smells or foamed with the innovative FI-10V-MSC foamer to literally extract the chemicals from all of these substrates and destroy these chemical odors by breaking the chemical bonds of these contaminants. (You’ll also notice the extraction and removal of the nicotine stains as well.) The remainder is simply wet-vacuumed up, the structure is then fogged, and with one application you have now cleaned up that %$#*& smell.