Environmental Decontamination Equipment and Products

Midwest Specialty Chemicals (MSC) is specifically designed to fill your remediation products and your remediation equipment needs with our amazing solutions. From DF-200 , our mold removal products and odor elimination product to our famous meth-lab cleanup solution, from foamers to foggers and personal protection equipment, we are able to offer you the most cost effective tools in the market for decontamination of countless numbers of harmful contaminants.

This site is designed for you to learn about not only our products and equipment, but to learn how to use them in the most cost effective way possible. As licensed remediators ourselves, we provide the knowledge and know how to work with our manufacturers, to develop state of the art equipment to fill these needs and offer them to you. Please peruse our FAQ page and read through the EPA test reports. Each remediation subject is discussed thoroughly to help you understand the procedures and protocols necessary to complete your tasks.

At MSC, we are looking to establish relationships to optimize your businesses on the internet and at home. We offer links from our site to yours. We work with:

  • Odor and environmental remediation equipment
  • Decontamination supplies for mold and meth labs
  • Remediation products
  • Meth cleanup products
  • Fogging and foaming equipment
  • Mold Remediation Contractors
  • Eliminate cat urine odor
  • Biohazard (meth) cleanup companies
  • Crime and Trauma Scene cleanup
  • Duct Cleaning Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Athletic facilities
  • Universities and Schools
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Property Management
  • Pet Odor
If it stinks or is a hazard, we handle it!